White Sage 250g – Satya Incense Sticks

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  • Approx. 200-250 Sticks per pack (250 grams)
  • Burn time of approx. 30 minutes
  • Each stick is 20cm long
  • Hand rolled top quality incense, resins and plant material

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White Sage Larger 250g Packs

Introducing White Sage 250g Incense Sticks by Satya – a captivating blend crafted to elevate your spiritual experiences and infuse your space with a serene ambiance. Satya, renowned for its exceptional quality incense products, presents a harmonious fusion of fragrant white sage in convenient 250g packaging.

🌿 Pure White Sage Essence: Immerse yourself in the pure and soothing aroma of white sage, revered for its cleansing properties. Satya has meticulously captured the essence of this sacred herb, creating an incense that promotes a sense of tranquillity and spiritual well-being.

🔥 Long-Lasting Fragrance: Each incense stick is carefully handcrafted to ensure a slow and even burn, releasing the enchanting white sage fragrance throughout your surroundings. Enjoy extended periods of aromatic bliss as you unwind, meditate, or engage in spiritual practices.

🌟 Spiritual Cleansing: White sage has been traditionally used for centuries to cleanse and purify spaces, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to create a sacred atmosphere. Whether you are engaging in meditation, yoga, or simply relaxing at home, these incense sticks provide a subtle and uplifting background fragrance.

🍃 Natural Ingredients, Ethical Production: Satya takes pride in using only the finest natural ingredients, ensuring a clean and pure incense experience. The production process adheres to ethical standards, promoting sustainability and a positive impact on the environment.

🎁 Elegant Packaging: The White Sage 250g Incense Sticks come in an elegant and durable packaging that not only preserves the freshness of the incense but also makes for a thoughtful and stylish gift for friends, family, or spiritual seekers.

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Incense burning is seen as the first step for healing, one that purifies the air and infuses it with a pleasant fragrance. Satya's unique signature line of premium incense products are a blend of hand-rolled herbs, floral extracts and essential oils using the traditional Indian masala technique. Just light a Satya Incense Stick and wait for your home to be transformed with these bright and energising aromas. Satya incense sticks are hand rolled in India using pure extracts and the finest scented oils. Let this aroma fill your home and create a wonderful and peaceful atmosphere. Using incense sticks is easy, just light the end, wait for it to glow and blow out the flame. Then place it into an incense holder and enjoy the marvellous fragrance that is produced.
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