Tribal Soul Incense Sticks – 7 Archangels with Prayer Card


  • Hand rolled top quality natural incense, resins and plant material.
  • Contains a prayer card with one of 7 Archangels

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Brand: Tribal Soul


Step into a realm of celestial serenity with Tribal Soul Incense Sticks – 7 Archangels, where each stick is a conduit to divine energies, offering peace, protection, and spiritual guidance.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

🌬️ Immerse in the Celestial: Infused with the essence of the 7 Archangels, experience a tranquil atmosphere resonating with their divine energies.

🎁 Bonus Prayer Card: Elevate your spiritual practice with a prayer card included in every pack, adding a personal touch to your sacred moments.

🌿 Premium Quality: Crafted with care, our incense ensures an authentic fragrance, setting the stage for a transcendent ambiance in your space.

🕊️ Divine Connection: Invoke the blessings of the Archangels to infuse your surroundings with serenity, positivity, and spiritual upliftment.

🌟 What’s Inside:

  • 15g of Bliss: Each pack contains 15g of the finest incense, providing you with an ample supply for your spiritual rituals.
  • Prayer Card: A beautiful addition to your ritual, inviting you to deepen your connection with the divine.

💡 How to Use:

🌅 Sacred Moments: Illuminate the incense during meditation, prayer, or quiet reflection, enveloping your space with angelic energies.

🌙 Cleansing Rituals: Purify your surroundings and welcome positive energies with the soothing fragrance of the 7 Archangels.

🛍️ Ready to elevate your spiritual journey? Embrace the Tribal Soul Incense – 7 Archangels and invite the divine presence into your sacred space! 🕊️🛒

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Tribal Soul

Tribal Soul Incense was created in India by hand by skilled craftspeople. These incense sticks are a proper treat for anyone who adores the exotic scents of faraway places. They’re beautifully packed in decorative boxes complete with a colourful feather in each box. They are smothered in incense for a generous niff. Tribal Soul Incense sticks are perfect for lending every room in your home that unmistakable sacred aura. This incense is the perfect gift for those who love a nice rich fragrance or enjoy a handcrafted natural scent inspired treat. Great value, beautiful packaging, many to choose from. Order today.
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