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Red is for muscular, deep tissue and joint aches and pains

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Tiger balm red is one of the most potent ointments from the tiger balm range of products. The product is produced by, Haw Par Healthcare Limited, a pharmaceuticals company based in Singapore. Tiger balm red is considered as the best traditional multipurpose Asian analgesic that is very effective when it comes to the treatment sinus tissues, insect bites, and a wide range of deep muscle tissue complaints. Tiger balm red is more effective than the mild tiger balm white because it has three additional ingredients that guarantee deep penetrating pain relief. The three extra ingredients include; Cassia oil, demetholised mint oil, and Cajuput oil. These natural ingredients are easily found in Asia, and that is why it has been difficult for other companies around the world to produce a similar product.

Tiger balm red is absorbed over time when applied liberally helping you relieve tension, stress, and muscular niggles within 15 minutes. As a result, tiger balm red is largely applied when it comes to treating deep muscle tissue damage and persistent sprains. The ointment has for a long time been used as a natural pain reliever with proven results making it a well established brand around the world. Herbal ingredients are largely used to manufacture tiger balm red, and that is why the ointment is normally associated with minimal side effects as compared to those made using inorganic ingredients. In fact, tiger balm red was not available to other parts of the world during its initial years of existence. However, the emergence of international trade through globalisation made the product to be available to other parts of the world.


How to apply red tiger balm

Just like other ointments in the market, tiger balm red is normally applied by a massage. Most topical analgesics that have menthol and camphor as major ingredients, and this means that all of them have a standard application procedure. Before applying the tiger balm red to the affected area, the first step is to wash your hands as well as the affected area with warm water. The second step is to find out about your skin’s reaction to the product by testing it on a small skin area. The next step is to massage red tiger balm in the affected area in circular motions to guarantee a deeper penetration. You should only stop the massaging after ensuring that the ointment is thoroughly absorbed.

The affected area should be massaged for at least one minute for a deeper penetration of the ointment. After application, it is advisable to allow the ointment to dissolve for up to twenty minutes before you can wipe it off is necessary. In most cases, it is not necessary to wipe off the ointment. It is important to remember that red tiger balm should not be applied on broken or irritated skin. Also, the treat area should neither be exposed to heat nor covered with a bandage. The final tip on how to use tiger balm red is that the application should not be done one hour before or after taking your bath. In other words, the ointment should be applied at least two hours before or after your shower.


Red tiger balm composition

Tiger balm red has up to eight ingredients that play a critical in all the benefits associated with type of ointment.
These ingredients include:

– Menthol 10%
– Camphor 11%
– Cassia oil 5%
– Clove oil 5%
– Dementholised mint oil 6%
– Cajuput oil 7%


Red tiger balm benefits

When compared to other ointments in the market, tiger balm red has some unique benefits that make it to stand out from the rest. To begin with, the product has stood the test of time as it has been widely used for pain relief for close to a century. The fact that red tiger balm has been in the market for many years gives the product some of level of credibility. This is a clear indication that the product is acceptable in the market. Second, natural ingredients form a large part of this ointment, and this helps in minimising side effects. In fact, almost all the ingredients in tiger balm red are natural. These natural ingredients such as the essential oils have healing properties that guarantee quick results when it comes to treating aches and pain.

The other benefit associated with this ointment is that it can be used by both adults and kids. Most of the alternative ointments in the market are not safe for kids as a result of their many reactive ingredients. Also, red tiger balm is a choice for most people because it guarantees instant pain relief, like the tiger balm liniment. The entire eight active ingredients offer different benefits to users hence enhancing the product’s healing properties. Finally, red tiger balm is a multi-purpose ointment that can be used to treat bites, stomach pain, allergies, colds, headaches, joint pain, and muscle pain.

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Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm, inspired by centuries of Chinese wisdom, offers a unique formulation specially made with herbal active ingredients which are proven to be effective. Tiger Balm’s herbal and aromatic formulas help soothe sore and aching muscles, as well as Tiger Balm White offering relief to tension headaches.
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