Smudge Stick – White Sage & Cedar 22 cm


  • Combines White Sage and Cedar, revered for their spiritual cleansing properties.
  • Ideal for smudging yourself, your home, or any space in need of purification and positive energy.
  • Meticulously crafted for optimal effectiveness and spiritual well-being.

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White Sage and Cedar Smudge Stick for Spiritual Cleansing

Powerful Cleansing Properties

Experience the potent synergy of White Sage and Cedar in our smudge stick, meticulously crafted for spiritual cleansing and purification. White Sage, revered for centuries by indigenous cultures, clears negative energy and invites positivity, while Cedar offers protective properties against spiritual intrusions.

Key Features:
White Sage, a sacred herb, and Cedar, a revered wood, blend harmoniously to cleanse and purify.
Clear your space and promote inner peace with the powerful combination of White Sage and Cedar.
Each smudge stick offers ample material for extensive spiritual practices and rituals.

Perfect for Spiritual Practices:
Whether you’re a spiritual healer or simply seeking natural remedies, our smudge stick is a valuable tool.
Use it to smudge yourself, your home, or any space in need of purification and positive energy infusion.

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey:
Our smudge stick is meticulously crafted to deliver optimal cleansing and purification.
Embrace the unique scent and potent properties of White Sage and Cedar to enhance your spiritual practice and foster inner peace.

Transform your space and elevate your spiritual well-being with our White Sage and Cedar smudge stick. Experience the ancient power of natural herbs and woods to cleanse, purify, and invigorate your spiritual journey.

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