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Ruda Rue Sage

Introducing our Ruda Rue Sage Smudge Stick : a potent and mystical tool for spiritual purification and protection. The combination of Ruda Rue and sage creates a unique blend that wards off negative energy, evil spirits, and malevolent influences.

Immerse yourself in the ancient practice of smudging as the fragrant smoke purifies your space, creating a sanctuary for meditation, prayer, and healing rituals. Ruda Rue, known for its powerful energetic properties, has been used for centuries in spiritual practices to repel negativity and bring about positive vibrations.

By burning the Ruda Rue Sage Smudge Stick, you can create a shield of spiritual protection and enhance your intuition. This sacred herb, scientifically known as Ruta Graveolens, grows naturally and has been revered for its purifying qualities across various cultures.

The aromatic sage adds an earthy and soothing element to the experience, harmonizing with the potent energy of Ruda Rue. As the flame dances and the smoke curls, let the captivating aroma transport you to a place of tranquility and spiritual connection.

To perform the smudging ritual, simply hold the smudge stick over a heat-resistant bowl or dish, allowing the smoke to rise. As you move the stick around, visualize the negative energy dissipating and being replaced with positive vibrations and protection.

Embrace the ancient wisdom of the Ruda Rue Sage Smudge Stick and invite harmony, purification, and spiritual fortification into your life. Experience the transformative power of this sacred tool as it helps you create a sacred space and connect with your inner self.


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Shop With Shiva products are ethically sourced and are eco-friendly. They bring vitality to parties, festivals , temples, and homes.  Use them in Yoga classes to create a positive, relaxing atmosphere.  The Shop With Shiva incense sticks are handmade in India by using only natural herbs, oils and resins. Shop With Shiva brings these wonderful scents to your home and provides a sense of tranquillity to your life. Light this wonderful incense and succumb to your senses.
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