Native Soul Incense Sticks – Healing Smudge


  • Hand rolled top quality natural incense, resins and plant material.
  • Chemical Free
  • Each stick is approx. 22cm long
  • Burn time of approx. 50 minutes
  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainable Development
  • Packaging is recyclable

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This Healing Smudge Native Soul Incense has been blended perfectly together to create a positive and cosy atmosphere reminiscent of campfires and wilderness. The incense is beautifully packaged within a sliding box decorated with native American print on the outside and finished with a delicate feather on the inside

Purify your home and your mind with these smudge incense sticks. Palo Santo, white sage and sweetgrass provide a relaxing, natural fragrance sensation. Burn these incense sticks for smudging, relaxation, meditation and inspiration! Native Soul incense is of high quality and comes in a beautiful, recognizable packaging.

What is smudging?
Smudging is cleaning a space by burning dried herbs such as white sage. The custom originates from the Native Americans, who used to scare away the evil spirits by burning sage. These could not stand the smell of white sage, while the good spirits were attracted to it.

Smudging ceremonies are now also popular in Europe. By means of smudging you ensure a new start in your living space. Dispelling tension and a bad atmosphere by means of smudging is also called ‘energetic cleaning’. For many spiritual people, energetic cleansing is a ceremony that precedes other rituals.


Native Soul

Shop With Shiva brings you these incredibly high quality Native Soul & Tribal Soul Incense Smudge Sticks. Skilled craftspeople make this incense by hand rolling it. This incense comes from the finest 100% natural ingredients, no animal, toxic or petrochemical additives . Ingredient aromas include the following scents: Copal, Palo Santo, White Sage, Yerba Santa, Sweetgrass, Dragons Blood, Sage and Cedar and Lavender. The incense is beautifully packaged  using a sliding box. Box is decorated with a Native American print on the outside and finished with a delicate feather on the inside. Incense made in India is a proper treat for anyone who adores the exotic scents of faraway places. These sticks are perfect for lending every room in your home that unmistakable sacred aura. This incense is an amazing gift for those who love a nice rich fragrance or just a handcrafted natural scent inspired treat to yourself. This incense burns for about 50 minutes, bringing you amazing scents. Each pack contains about 12, 20.5cm long, sticks.
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