Grey Moon Terracotta Smudge Bowl 13cm


  • Holds Smudge Sticks, Palo Santo sticks or herbs while they burn

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Grey Moon Terracotta Smudge Bowl

Introducing our captivating Grey Moon Terracotta Smudge Bowl, a stunning accessory designed to elevate your smudging rituals. Crafted with care, this small terracotta bowl showcases a mesmerizing crescent moon and stars pattern, delicately etched against the elegant grey surface.

Embrace the ancient art of smudging with this purpose-built bowl, designed to enhance your spiritual practices. Whether you burn sacred herbs or require a safe space to hold your lit smudge sticks, our Grey Moon Terracotta Smudge Bowl is the perfect companion.

The celestial motif on the bowl adds a touch of enchantment and mysticism to your smudging experience. The crescent moon, symbolizing intuition and new beginnings, represents the phases of growth and transformation. The stars scattered across the bowl evoke a sense of cosmic energy, reminding you of the vast universe and its interconnectedness.

Each smudge bowl is meticulously handcrafted using high-quality terracotta, ensuring durability and a natural aesthetic. The grey hue of the bowl beautifully complements any décor style, adding a touch of tranquillity and elegance to your sacred space.

Not only is our Grey Moon Terracotta Smudge Bowl a functional tool, but it also serves as a decorative piece that can be proudly displayed when not in use. Place it on your altar, meditation space, or anywhere you seek solace and connection.

Experience the soothing ritual of smudging and infuse your surroundings with positive energy using our Grey Moon Terracotta Smudge Bowl. Immerse yourself in the celestial ambiance and let the gentle flicker of the burning herbs or smudge sticks guide you on your spiritual journey.

Ignite your senses, honor ancient traditions, and embrace the captivating beauty of the Grey Moon Terracotta Smudge Bowl.


Dimensions: H10cm X W13cm X D13cm

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