Frankincense Incense Resin 250g

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  • Pure Frankincense resin incense
  • Now in bigger 250g packs!

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Frankincense Incense Resin 250g

Now in bigger packs! Frankincense is a natural incense, mainly obtained from the Boswellia tree family. They are distinguished by a natural, slightly lemon, woody scent. A wounded plant produces a resin which, when solidified, forms a substance called olibanum in the form of a yellow-brown, granular mass.

It has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies, meditation and healing. Your customers can literally recreate ancient aromatic history in their own homes.

The smoky fragrance produced by burning resin on charcoal disks is quite unique and amazingly evocative.


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Shop With Shiva

Shop With Shiva products are ethically sourced and are eco-friendly. They bring vitality to parties, festivals , temples, and homes.  Use them in Yoga classes to create a positive, relaxing atmosphere.  The Shop With Shiva incense sticks are handmade in India by using only natural herbs, oils and resins. Shop With Shiva brings these wonderful scents to your home and provides a sense of tranquillity to your life. Light this wonderful incense and succumb to your senses.
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2 reviews for Frankincense Incense Resin 250g

  1. JN

    Julius Nsubuga (verified owner)

    The Frankincense Resin has almost zero Incense odour when put on burning charcoal . I want to return it. I am not happy with product

    • P

      paddy (store manager)

      I am sorry you are not happy with the product. I have sent many of these with no complaints so far. I understand you may have used some of it already to try it, but if you would like to return the rest I will fully refund you.
      Kind regards,

  2. BB

    Beatrice Broni (verified owner)

    Customer service was good as product received as indicated.

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