Banjara Smudge Pyramid Cones – Palo Santo


  • Hand-rolled Banjara Smudge Pyramid Cones.
  • 10 cones per pack

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Banjara Smudge Pyramid Cones – Mayan Copal

Introducing Banjara Smudge Pyramid Cones in Palo Santo—a sacred offering for cleansing and uplifting your space. Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of Palo Santo, revered for its purifying and grounding properties.

Handcrafted with precision, these cones release a delicate yet potent fragrance that fills the air with tranquillity. Allow the soothing scent of Palo Santo to cleanse your surroundings, clearing away negative energy and inviting positivity and serenity.

Whether used during meditation, rituals, or daily practices, Banjara Smudge Pyramid Cones in Palo Santo provide a sanctuary of spiritual purity and renewal. Embrace the wisdom of ancient traditions and elevate your spiritual journey with every burn.


How to Use: 

Place the Smudge Pyramid Cone in a fireproof dish or smudging bowl. Ignite the cone’s tip until it catches fire, allowing it to burn briefly before blowing out the flame, leaving a smouldering ember. As the aromatic smoke pervades your space, it purifies the atmosphere, ushering in the potential of pyramid energy.

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charcoal, ethically sourced tribal herbs, resins, joss powder, 100% natural red bark of the litseaglutinosa tree, craft fully blended essential oils



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