Al Fakher – Premium Quick Lighting Charcoal Discs 10 Pack


  • Instant ignition in just 6-7 seconds for a hassle-free and smokeless burn.
  • Mostly odourless composition preserves the purity of incense.
  • Each 33mm diameter disc provides an extended burning time of 45-55 minutes.

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Al Fakher – Premium Quick Lighting Charcoal

Introducing Al Fakher’s Premium Quick Lighting Charcoal Discs 10 Pack, the ultimate companion for elevating your incense experiences. Crafted with precision to enhance your sensory journey, our charcoal discs are designed to ignite in just 6-7 seconds, delivering a hassle-free and smokeless burn.

Say goodbye to waiting with our instant ignition feature, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favourite aromas without delay. Enjoy a clean and smokeless burn, preserving the purity of your incense with our mostly odourless charcoal. Each disc measures 33mm in diameter, providing an ideal surface area for efficient burning.

With each roll containing 10 pieces of instant light charcoal, you can enjoy an extended burning time of 45-55 minutes, perfect for savouring every moment without constant tending. Crafted from high-quality mixed fruit wood material, our charcoal adds a unique depth of flavour to your incense burning.

Experience an even and consistent burn that brings out the true essence of your incense, creating a calming and aromatic atmosphere. Our charcoal discs are user-friendly, igniting with ease and requiring minimal effort to set up for your incense ritual.

Ideal for various types of incense, including resin, Bakhoor, frankincense, and more, our charcoal discs are your reliable choice for all your incense needs. Elevate your aromatherapy sessions with our charcoal, ensuring that the fragrances you love are released in their purest form, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Indulge in the full depth and richness of your favourite scents with Al Fakher’s Premium Quick Lighting Charcoal Discs. Experience the difference today.

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