Abalone Shell Large 12-14cm


  • Measures between 12-14cm in size
  • Unique colour and pattern on each shell
  • Iridescent surface creates a beautiful rainbow effect
  • Ideal for use as a smudging bowl or decorative accent

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Abalone Shell Large 12-14cm

Introducing our Large Abalone Shell, a stunning and functional accessory for your altar or spiritual space. Measuring between 12-14cm, this abalone shell is crafted from high-quality materials and each one is unique in colour and pattern.

The iridescent surface of the shell creates a mesmerizing effect, catching the light and producing a beautiful rainbow of colors. Use it as a smudging bowl during your spiritual rituals or as a decorative accent to add a touch of nature and magic to your home or workspace.

Whether you’re a Wiccan, pagan, or simply someone who loves the beauty of natural materials, this Large Abalone Shell is a must-have. Order now and experience the unique and mystical energy it brings to your space.


Dimensions: H4.5cm x W13.5cm x D12cm

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Weight0.16 kg
Dimensions13.5 × 12 × 4.5 cm


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