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Why do some Satya Incense boxes have gold in the seal?

Satya Gold Blue and Red Seals
Satya Gold Blue and Red Seals

What’s the difference?

Some of the Satya boxes will have a blue and red seal and some will have a gold, blue and red seal as seen in the picture above.  Contrary to any myths, both are genuine Satya products.

Satya have two main factories in India, the one made in the Mumbai factory is partially machine made and will have the red and blue seal.  The other factory is in Bangalore and is the original factory, the seal with the gold strip in it.  We find that the Bangalore ones are much nicer and will supply these where possible, especially the famous Satya Nag Champa incense, and we make sure they have the gold seal.  We take photos of all the boxes so you can check the website for the image and determine where it came from.

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